WARNING: This project contains themes of isolation, bloodshed, extreme injury, suicide, derealization, self-harm and insanity.
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Level 1, "Industrial Warehouse", has been written!
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The following documents contained within this site are CLASSIFIED. Investigation of the records and information located here may only be performed by persons directly authorized via the Backrooms Confidentiality Group. The viewing of this information by an individual without a licensed identification will be subject to consequences.

Welcome to the Backrooms Archive. This is a private database handled and managed by the Backrooms Confidentiality Group. This archive contains many documents which pertain to the researches and proofings of the Backrooms. This digital archive allows you to view any document you have permission to access. Contact a website administrator if you are having trouble accessing information.
The Backrooms is an endless labyrinth of liminality, consisting of numerous levels interconnecting in a convoluted maze. The Backrooms is a world beyond the boundaries of reality, only entered via “no-clipping” through reality. Those who enter are completely isolated, with no other lifeforms1 to accompany them. They are also immortalized, yet still susceptible to injury2.
There is no known escape from the Backrooms3. Those who enter the Backrooms end up in this limbotic hell where not even death is an escape. While it’s not likely to accidentally no-clip, it is possible that, at most, a quarter4 of missing persons reports stem from accidental no-clipping, left to suffer in this psychological torment we call the Backrooms.
While some of the information here comes from experiments, most stem from cameras, photos, notes, and other evidence that have no-clipped back out of the Backrooms and into reality5. These objects are either discovered by B.C.G. personnel, or by regular citizens, at which the items get confiscated upon discovery. All these sources are the base of our understanding and shape how we know the Backrooms.
  1. There may possibly be plants, bacteria, or similar unintelligent organisms.
  2. See Phenomena 0.
  3. And it is almost certain that there is no escape whatsoever.
  4. This is an approximation.
  5. Unfortunately, humans cannot noclip back into reality.
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